On protostellar discs and planet formation

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Dates: from the 15th to the 20th of May 2022

Location: Palazzo Feltrinelli, via Castello 4, Gargnano del Garda (BS), Italy. A bus transfer from the Physics Department (UNIMI) to Palazzo Feltrinelli (and return) is included in the fee.

Meals: Coffee breaks and lunches are included in the registration fee, as well as one social dinner.

Accomodation: Visit https://www.thisisgargnano.it/en/where-to-sleep.html for more information

Registration fee: 175 €

Registration deadline: 28th of February 2022

Maximum number of participants: ~60


The study of circumstellar discs around young stars is being revolutionized by ALMA and high angular resolution instruments in the infrared. The new data coming from such instrument reveal complex structures both in the morphology andin the kinematics of planet forming discs, that require adequate hydrodynamical modeling. The next generation of researchers in this field will naturally face the challenge of a close interplay between such high resolution observations and their theoretical interpretation.
The aim of the Dustbusters School is precisely to train this next generation of researchers and in particular to make sure that theorists are aware of the complexities of the data reduction process and that observers are aware of the subtleties of the hydrodynamical modeling. 
We have thus envisaged a School that will have an hybrid format, with a series of lectures by some of the top researchers active in this field, complemented by intense hands-on sessions, where the students are divided into small groups, each facing a specific research challenge, either in the form of reduction of actual ALMA data, or in the form of specific hydrodynamical modeling of some protostellar disc. We will make sure that the students whose main research interest is in theory will work on the data reduction, and viceversa.
If you wish to be part of this exciting School, to meet up with your fellow students and young researchers world-wide, and especially to feel like being part of a growing and dynamic community, do not hesitate and apply to the Dustbusters School!


For further information please contact: Giuseppe Lodato <giuseppe.lodato@unimi.it> and Noemi De Lorenzo <noemi.delorenzo@unimi.it>.


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