Cavities and non-axisymmetric features in protoplanetary systems


This WP concerns the study of cavities and non-axisymmetric horseshoe features that appear to characterize a large set of protoplanetary discs.

We plan to investigate the delivery of solids to circumprimary discs in order to determine how the properties of binary systems can affect planets that form in such systems.




The aims of this WP thus are:

  1. Develop a simplified theoretical formalism able to describe the physical mechanism originating non-axisymmetric features in the gas.
  2. Perform a suite of numerical simulations in order to test the dust trapping in horseshoe features.
  3. Test the time evolution of non-axisymmetric features on long timescale simulations.
  4. Simulate gas and dust dynamics in circumbinary discs to assess the impact of a large cavity for the formation of planets close to the stars.