Warps and misaligned discs

Within this WP we plan to tackle several issues related to the mechanism that lead to a warping of protostellar discs.

In particular:

1. We will provide detailed modelling of observed misaligned circumbinary disc (such as GG Tau a, or HD 98800);  we plan to run hydrodynamical simulations of such systems comprising  inclined or even polar discs around binaries.

2. We plan to investigate the dynamics of inclined discs around eccentric binaries, that tend to evolve towards polar orbits with respect to the binary plane, rather than aligning with it.

3. We will study the evolution of warped dusty discs, both from a numerical point of view and from an analytical perspective.

4. We will investigate the asymmetric outflows of protostars, and in particular whether a series of stochastic kicks might stir up the dust population in the disc through the excitation of bending waves or not.

5. We plan to study strongly misaligned discs through a combination of numerical simulations and analytical work.